Manufacturer of plastic profiles since the 70s

Individual solutions according to your specifications

With ProTech you benefit from extensive experience as a manufacturer of plastic profiles since the 70s. Advice, development, production – our know-how helps you choose the right materials and the perfectly matched shape.

Not just a producer, but a developer. In addition to the precise production of plastic profiles of all kinds, we also offer the development of profiles according to your specifications and requirements with our own toolmaking department and build the appropriate tools for our extrusion lines so that nothing stands in the way of speedy production.

Extrusion (production) of the plastic profiles

With our modern extrusion lines, we are able to produce plastic profiles from up to three different materials. With coextrusion or triextrusion, we can press several materials into a homogeneous profile. Different material properties combined in one high-quality profile.

How does the extrusion of plastic profiles work?

In extrusion, thermoplastics are melted at high temperature and homogenised under high pressure in the so-called extruder. The molten granulate is continuously pressed into the tool with the profile cross-section at a constant pressure and speed. This produces a profile of any length. A special extrusion process is co-extrusion. Here, different plastics are combined so that the final profile combines the material properties of the different materials. For example, we can produce stable sealing profiles by combining hard and soft components or combine transparent with non-transparent plastic mixtures in one plastic profile.

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