Plastic profiles for window construction

Window profiles have to withstand a lot. For decades.

Reliable, UV-resistant, weatherproof, colourfast, impact-, abrasion- and scratch-resistant. These are the characteristics of our profiles for window construction. Window profiles from ProTech are now in use all over the world and are extremely durable and fit perfectly. After all, window profiles have to withstand a lot in their many years of use. In Schutterwald, we produce a wide variety of plastic profiles for window construction.

Plastic profiles for window construction:

  • Spacer profiles
  • Top rails
  • Sealing profiles
  • Additional profiles
  • Additional profiles
  • Glazing beads

For our customers in the construction sector, we are in contact with testing institutes, testing laboratories and other partners, among others, in order to jointly realise the requirements for the respective product in interaction with the profiles we manufacture. Of course, we also pay attention to the most economically sensible solution with regard to the tolerances and/or the properties of the material, the profile geometry as well as the transport to the construction site, the required packaging and/or its return. Another building block for the success of our customers is that we also deliver the profiles surface-protected; in doing so, we use high-quality foils that also enable a longer storage period. We are also happy to set up a corresponding consignment warehouse if this is desired by the customer.

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