Profiles for load securing & edge protection in freight transport

For corners and edges: Edge protection profiles from ProTech

Every year, more than three billion tonnes of goods are transported in Germany alone. Railways, lorries, planes and ships transport these huge quantities safely from the production sites to the processors and consumers. To ensure that the goods can be transported undamaged, load securing and protection is extremely important. The edge protection profiles from ProTech are available in various designs, lengths and colours and always with the promise of providing optimum protection for the load.

Plastic profiles for load securing & edge protection

  • Edge protection profiles for goods transport
  • Edge protection profiles for load securing with tension belts
  • Plastic profiles for load securing

Why edge protectors from ProTech for load securing? ProTech edge protectors for load securing help to ensure that your load is loaded, transported and delivered safely and undamaged.

  • The packaged goods are thus protected against damage during transport
  • Load units are better stabilised
  • Deviating/uniform pallet units are brought into shape
  • Cargo on pallets does not slip/ slips less
  • Reinforcement of edges, distribution of compression pressure)
  • Prevents cutting of strapping and lashing straps

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