Plastic profiles for campers and recreation

Profiles for sports facilities and leisure

ProTech plastic profiles are not only used in the world’s large sports stadiums, e.g. as turf edging profiles. With our versatile profile cross-sections, we offer, among other things, profiles for goals of all kinds, frame profiles and edging profiles for sports equipment indoors and outdoors, profiles for flexible covers or hula hoop tubes that last extremely long due to their well thought-out choice of materials and construction and are uncompromisingly able to withstand the tough demands and stresses of sports and games and keep their shape.

Plastic profiles for windows and interior fittings of campers, caravans & campervans

In addition, we also offer extension profiles, roof hatch and window profiles for motorhomes and caravans and produce plastic profiles for well-known manufacturers of caravans, motorhomes, campervans and expedition vehicles.

Plastic profiles for sports and leisure facilities:

  • Profiles for sports equipment
  • Frame profiles
  • Framing profiles
  • Hula hoop profiles
  • Profiles for football goals
  • Profiles for lawn edging
  • Profiles for roof hatches
  • Profiles for caravans
  • Profiles for camper vans
  • Profiles for campervans
  • Profiles for camper interiors

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