Plastic profiles & seals for refrigerated units

Manufacturers of domestic refrigeration appliances know the advantages of ProTech plastic profiles for refrigeration appliances. In addition to customised profiles, our customers can also access a wide range of existing profile solutions, choosing from the various materials, colours, hardnesses and surfaces. Our profiles for sealing frames (with magnetic inserts), gap covers or compression profiles are the perfect complement for high-quality refrigerators and freezers.

Plastic profiles for refrigeration units:

  • Magnetic seals
  • Magnetic door seals
  • Compression seals
  • Profiles for domestic refrigerators
  • Cover frames
  • Seals
  • Frame profiles
  • Connecting profiles

High energy efficiency while complying with food regulations: plastic profiles and seals from ProTech.

Always fresh and chilled food and beverages – plastic profiles for refrigerated cabinets, industrial coolers and vending machines play an important role because the requirements of operators and consumers are becoming more and more demanding. Constant improvements help to save energy and be energy-efficient in operation. Our plastic profiles with a high degree of insulation, excellent compression set (DVR) and low dimensional shrinkage are the ideal profiles for components and seals on refrigerated cabinets and refrigeration systems.

Application examples of ProTech plastic profiles and seals for refrigeration and cooling technology

  • Refrigerator seals
  • Refrigerator counter seals
  • Covers for refrigerators
  • Seals and profiles for cold rooms & cold room doors
  • Seals for industrial refrigerators
  • Magnetic seals for refrigerators
  • Seals for refrigerated cabinets
  • Seals and profiles for vending machines and refrigerated display cases
  • Seals for refrigerated display cases

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