Tubes and hollow rods made of PP, HDPE, PVC or ABS

ProTech tubes & hollow rods for winding cores or protective tubes

In addition to our successful plastic profiles, we also offer hollow rods and tubes made of PP, HDPE, PVC or ABS. ProTech tubes are used as winding cores for films, protective tubes for cardan shafts, as winding cores in paper production or as table legs in furniture production. Whether with 1 mm wall thickness or 25 mm wall thickness. Depending on the area of application, we develop the appropriate hollow rods and tubes entirely according to your specifications. Of course, we pay attention to outstanding economic efficiency and optimal properties.

Pipes and hollow bars

  • Toy tubes
  • Cable protection tubes
  • Protection tubes
  • Tubes for wind power
  • Sewage pipes
  • Water pipes
  • Construction pipes

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